Sunday, June 28, 2009

Today, we couldn't even SEE the hills...

...because it was raining too much! We decided to take advantage of the late check-out time to maybe let the rain let up a bit (which, of course, was a bad idea because then it started raining harder). We slogged through veritable rivers whilst it monsooned to try to at least get to the fortress on our last day in Salzburg, and it was certainly an escapade. By the time we made it over the river into the old town, it had thankfully started raining a bit less, so we walked around a little to get oriented. We then took a jaunt into the Neue Residenz to see the state rooms and the painting gallery - both of which were a little disappointing, but at least they were dry and warm! We then made the excellent decision to go back to the restaurant at which we had dinner last night because it was so good - and it didn't fail to please this time, either. The owner actually served us and he was incredibly nice (and recognized us from last night - ha!).

After lunch, we walked to the Salzburg Cathedral (pretty but very dark inside so hard to see everything - although they did have risers set up in the same place as when Chapel Choir sang there, which was cool to see), and made our way to the entrance to the tram to the fortress. The fortress isn't the most exciting thing ever, and there was still a lot of mist around when we got up there, but by the time we went through the marionette display (creepy - enjoy the pics from that!), the museums (boring), and used the WC, the weather had cleared and we could see the whole city. Lovely. You'll see a shot of the girls with umbrellas before we went inside the fortress, and then one after when it had cleared.

We had been planning on trying to get down to Nonnberg Abbey or hiking across the Monchberg to another elevator to street level, but we didn't want to risk breaking our necks, so we just took the tram back down to the street and headed back out. We popped into St. Peter's Cemetery and the church itself, got some ice cream, and picked up our bags at our hotel on our way to the train station. On our way, we found you a present, Calvin -which you'll see in the pictures, and re-enacted the scary fight we saw yesterday. :P While waiting for our train, we had our first complete cop-out meal of the trip: Burger King. You can see Becky modeling the delicious "country potatoes" we got in lieu of fries.

We got into Munich right before 9, easily found our hotel, which is inside an old building on two half-floors and run by a lady who likes to decorate with cherubs and who met us at the reception desk, and here we are! Hoping for some better weather tomorrow...

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