Sunday, July 5, 2009

Last day in Paris...

We packed in some great things on our last day in this fun city! Early on the docket today was the Musee d'Orsay, which was awesome. We got there right before the doors opened, and the line to buy tickets was HUGE! Thankfully, we had Museum Passes, so we got to go right in. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed all of the Impressionism, Naturalism, and just the variety of other things. The Art Nouveau furniture was pretty cool, too. I took very few pictures, unlike everyone else, who - like at the Louvre yesterday - were just running through and taking pictures of absolutely everything. I don't know if they think their pictures are going to turn out well, but I'm going to go with no. Anyway, other than the stupid crowds, we thoroughly enjoyed our three hours there.

We then headed to the Rodin Museum, where we had some overpriced lunch in the garden cafeteria and then headed inside to see the sculptures. There were some *cough* suggestive sculptures that I didn't take pics of, but I did catch a couple of tame subjects. :)

From here, we headed across the street to Napoleon's Tomb and Army Museum inside the Les Invalides complex. We started with the Arms and Armor exhibit, which was interesting, if a bit repetitive. We then spent a large chunk of time in the WWI and WWII exhibits, which were incredibly interesting. Speaking of interesting, I should note here that most of the museums we've been visiting have been made so much more interesting by the self-guided tours from the Rick Steves guidebooks - if you're ever thinking of making a trip like this, you MUST get his books. Hands down.

By the time we were done, it was 5, and we decided that we were tired and hungry and needed to pack everything up - we had kind of unloaded in the room since we were here for four nights. So, we're ready to get up at 5 tomorrow morning, get ready like the wind, have our last breakfast from the corner boulangerie, get to Paris Nord by 6:40ish to check in, and leave for London at 7:13. Au revoir, foreign languages. :P


Parisian girls wear genie pants.

We've walked 112 miles since we've been here. :D Love you all, good night!

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